FM BTC NFT | Container 1


Frequently asked questions

What are FM BTC NFTs?
Fraction Mining has produced a limited batch of 2500 non-fungible FM BTC tokens as collectibles.
How many FM BTC NFTs should I mint?
As many as you desire out of those currently available. Note: Availability is not guaranteed.
How do I buy the membership NFT and what do I need to purchase it?
Please ensure you are on the Matic Mainnet network (ChainID 137) with your wallet and connected to the proper address, if you need to add the network to your crypto wallet please visit this link or ask a moderator in our discord. Conveniently connect your wallet on the mint page here, ensure you have the correct amount of Matic required, and click mint! (
Alternatively, we will be supporting FIAT onramping via for Convenience.
How long am I able to mint and when does the mint close?
NFTs will be able to be purchased starting the month of December 2022 and are available until completely being minted. A new batch will be available after FM establishes and confirms another container of high performance computing resources.
What are the FM BTC NFT used for?
While by themselves, they are simply collectible art, for FM Members, our customers derive services from holding BTC NFTs. Each BTC NFT, provides FM Members access to 6-12THs per token from FM's BTC hardware and hosting services.
When does the BTC NFT expire?
FM BTC NFTs are held by minters/customers/holders and do not have a specified expiration date.
Can I exchange/trade my BTC NFTs?
Yes. You can exchange your membership NFT on any applicable and trusted 3rd party trading platform (ie. OpenSea).
What do I need to do after buying a BTC NFT?
Hold it in your polygon-compatible wallet. The wallet containing that NFT and a FM Membership NFT will obtain exclusive benefits via our Website, Discord, and Metaverse. As a next step, visit our discord and talk to our community.